and Practices

Northern Leasing relies on independent sales organizations (ISOs) to submit lease applications and, in many cases, deploy equipment.

Before lease applications are accepted, all ISOs are issued a vendor code and assigned to an Account Manager.

Northern Leasing provides each ISO with a thorough Sales Guide and Directory. The Sales Guide and Directory includes:

  • Details on Northern Leasing’s policies, leases, rentals and funding amounts, leasing flow, credit approval and payments, the Loss and Damage Waiver, and end of lease options.
  • Instructions on how to fill out the lease.
  • A reminder that all sections of the lease must be filled out accurately and legibly in order for the Lessee to obtain funding from Northern Leasing.

In order to receive funding, all Northern Leasing applications are required to include:

  • Equipment information
  • Lease Term
  • Lease Payment
  • Advance payment information
  • Lessee bank information
  • Lessee initials authorizing Northern Leasing to debit the monthly payment via ACH
  • Lessee/Personal Guarantor signatures
  • Complete information on Personal Guarantor, including Social Security Number
  • Dealer’s bill of sale

Once complete, ISOs deliver the original lease document and a voided Lessee check for ACH purposes to Northern Leasing.

ISO’s are not authorized to make any representation on behalf of Northern Leasing regarding a lease nor may an ISO change or vary any of the terms and conditions of the lease documents.

We will not fund leases with missing or incomplete information, missing signatures or crossed out information. Northern Leasing employees are prohibited from altering lease contracts in any way, and must return them to the ISO/vendor or Lessee for proper completion if there is a problem.

Once equipment is installed, verification of installation may be required. The Personal Guarantor of the lease may receive either a verification call from Northern Leasing at the business telephone documented on the lease or may execute a written delivery and acceptance receipt. The purpose of the call is to review the basic contract terms and equipment installation ISOs are encouraged to order additional lease documents through their assigned Account Manager or by e-mail to To request lease documents, all ISOs must provide a vendor code and the number of leases they wish to obtain.

ISOs are instructed to direct Lessees requesting copies of their lease to the Northern Leasing Lease Request hotline at (866) 781-0440.

Northern Leasing reserves the right to perform full-funding-amount ISO/vendor charge-backs in certain situations. These situations include first payment defaults, non-deployment of equipment, and fraud/misrepresentation issues.