Tips for Our Vendors
    and Partners

To ensure our working relationship is as strong as possible, please remember the following when working with Northern Leasing:

  • We maintain a supply of used and refurbished POS equipment that may be purchased by our vendors. If you are interested, please contact the Northern Leasing Asset Management department at (800) 683-5433, ext. 8234, or ext. 8254 for current inventory and prices.
  • Northern Leasing is not responsible for maintenance or servicing of any equipment in accordance with the terms of our lease agreement.
  • The leasing customer may request the transfer of responsibilities for the remaining term of an equipment lease provided that:
    • The leasing customer identifies a transferee. As a vendor, you may assist in this process.
    • The lease is current with all payments.
    • The transferee meets Northern Leasing’s credit guidelines.
    • The leasing customer/transferee completes a Lease Transfer Application.
    • The leasing customer pays a nominal transfer fee.
    • The new leasing customer signs a lease for at least 12 months.
  • Sales/Use Tax will be assessed on lease payments based on the current state, county, and/or jurisdiction where the equipment is located. This tax will be added to the monthly lease payment.
  • Personal Property Tax on leased equipment will be collected on an annual basis in those jurisdictions where such tax exists. The amount with an administrative fee will be debited from the leasing customer's account.
  • Although Northern Leasing specializes in micro-ticket transactions, we also welcome larger ticket leases. Please contact our Sales Department, at (888) 277-2894 for more information.
  • In addition to traditional leasing programs, Northern Leasing also originates rental agreements for various types of assets. Our rental agreements differ from leases in that they are generally month-to-month instead of a fixed term contract.

Northern Leasing pursues the purchase of existing lease and rental portfolios. Please call (800) 683-5433, ext. 8234 for more information.