Leasing Customer

    Tips for Leasing Customers

When consulting with your independent sales agent or vendor, please consider the following tips as you complete your lease agreement:

  • Read all pages of your lease before signing. Our lease is a fixed-length, non-cancelable, legally binding document.
  • Provide proof of equipment insurance, or take advantage of the Loss and Damage Waiver offered by Northern Leasing.
  • Make sure you or your vendor has filled out the following fields legibly and correctly on page one of the lease:
    • Full business name, address, etc.
    • Equipment information
    • Lease term
    • Lease payment
    • Advance payment information
    • Bank information, including your initials authorizing Northern Leasing’s monthly ACH deduction from your account
  • Make sure you have signed the lease:
    • Above the “Lessee’s Authorized Signature” line on page one of the lease.
    • Above the “Guarantor’s Signature” line on page one of the lease.
  • Confirm that your personal information, including your Social Security Number, is completed legibly and correctly on page one.
  • Make sure you have read and understand all pages of the lease before signing.
  • Your Vendor has no authority to negotiate, vary or change any of the terms of the lease agreement nor to make any representations on behalf of Northern Leasing.`

Make sure you request and receive a copy of your executed lease.