Northern Leasing Experience

Instead of using a significant amount of a company's working capital to purchase equipment outright, leasing the equipment from Northern Leasing can be much more effective for newer businesses with limited resources. An equipment lease is when a lender purchases the equipment and then rents it to the business for a flat rate for a specified period of time. In many cases the business will be able to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for fair market value, or a previously agreed upon amount.

Small business loans are sought after by many small companies for a variety of reasons, but many do not know which type of financing they will need, or where to start explains a Northern Leasing Representative. There are many reasons why company would want a small business loan.

When most business owners think of business loans, they immediately look to commercial banks to meet their business financing needs; the only problem is that many do not realize how difficult it is to get approved for a bank loan or line of credit explains Northern Leasing Systems.

Northern Leasing offers leasing services to business owners in an effort to allow them the opportunity to grow their business without the difficulty associated with traditional bank loans. Northern Leasing offers experience, quality service and a diverse range of POS options to suit a variety of small to medium sized business.